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248 St Matthews Ave

Spruce Grove, Alberta



The Vision of Parlour 1919

"In 2012 I attended the French Culinary Institute in New York, and while living in Manhattan I fell in love with the speakeasy concept. Since that time I have always wanted to open a speakeasy bar that had a focus on great cocktails and an intimate atmosphere that I would love to spend time in. I think we did that, and we can't wait to see you there." 

Devin Stewart - part owner

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Devin Thomas Stewart was a visionary, sadly Devin passed away July 1st, 2022. Devin's parents, Dwayne and Betty, and his closest friend and business partner Kayla, along with the staff, carry this vision forward to this day. Every event, cocktail, dish you take part in adds another piece to the vision and success of Parlour 1919. We thank you for your support.



To contact us please send an e-mail to 

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